Receipts like never before!

We offers cloud-based solutions for all aspects of the Receipts.

Digital Receipts

The sustainable, paperless alternative to the printed sales slip. Save resources, optimize business processes and improve customer experience with WATEER digital receipt.

Easy integration via API and 100% ZATCA compliant.


Receipt yearly


Trees every year


For POS vendors

Efficient solutions for cash register providers and manufacturers. Integrate legally compliant fiscalization into your sytems and implement the technical requirements for digitizing receipts.

For Retailers

Retailers with their own POS systems get customized fiscalization solutions. The integration of digital receipts is easy & quick to implement from small to large companies.

Upgrade your customer experience to the next level

Upgrade your system with a seamless transition from paper to digital receipts.

Cost-effective up to 50%

Sustainable solution

Trusted receipts

Features of the digital receipt

Delivery via NFC & QR code 

No need to ask your customers for phone numbers, email address or to download any app.


Get valuable data-driven marketing insights and know your customer behaviour. To help upselling & cross selling

Merchant dashboard

Customize receipt branding, utilize digital receipts as an additional marketing channel, and gain valuable insights into receipt performance.

Fast integration via our API

The simplicity and speed of integrating the Digital Receipt by WATEER through our modern interface, offering one eReceipt API.

VAT declaration

VAT declaration is easier than ever with our advanced dashboard and VAT report.



Added value for all stakeholders

Provide your merchants with new opportunities to be at the digital and sustainability forefront: Access to online marketing in offline outlets, offering a smooth customer experience for their consumers.

Customizable. Modern. Reliable.

It's time to say goodbye to the paper receipt. Our digital receipt is easy to use and versatile. Try it out now!

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